Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions 
  1. Why did you select the sites you subscribed to?
  2. Was it easy to find feeds and to subscribe to them?
  3. Which sites were your favorites?
  4. What else can you use RSS feeds for?
  5. How likely are you to continue to use RSS feeds in the future?

    1. I selected these sites because I want to be informed when something new happen in the topics I subscribed to.

    2. Yes, it was very easy to find them and subscribe to them actually.

    3. My favorite was the TV Shows one because I am able to watch episodes of my favorite show and updates me when there are new episode.

    4. You can use RSS feeds to keep your viewers updated also.

    5. Most likely I'll want to use them for as long as I live.

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